Tom van den

Scaling B2B SaaS startups & scaleups
to new heights.

I'm Tom, an entrepreneur and CMO, dedicated to driving growth for startups and scaleups. With 12 years of experience, I've mastered the art of launching, building, and scaling businesses effectively and pragmatically. 

Generated next-level growth for
my passion

Scalable no-nonsense growth for ambitious companies

What I do

Faster, better growth for your company. Here's a few things I can offer.

Marketing Leadership
Scalable Growth Strategy
Conversion Repositioning
Some highlights

I can help you with getting your start-up ready for scale, or your scale-up ready for acquisition.

Scaled Sencloud from $0 to Europe's fastest growing tech scale-up
Bootstrapped Dealify from $0 to 7-figure acquisition
Managed 45+ people marketing team
My approach

Keeping it simple & pragmatic. Focused on getting the results, in a no-nonsense way.

Hyperfocused on getting results in
Keeping it efficient & scalable
In a friendly & positive way
Why me?

What I Bring to the Table

Proven Expertise

Transformed Sendcloud from zero to one of Europe’s fastest-growing scale-ups.

Successful Exits

Launched and scaled Dealify from inception to a 7-figure exit in just 4 years.

Wide Impact

Assisted over 50 companies in launching and acquiring their first clients in a scalable manner.


Managed a marketing team of 45+ people, delivering consistent, scalable results.


I bring results. 
My clients are proof.

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CHIef marketing officer & entrepreneur

That's me!

Over the past 12 years, I've worked with diverse startups & scale-ups. Including one of the fastest-growing scale-ups in Europe.


Word on the street

What I've always admired about Tom is his pragmatic mindset and relentless drive to make an impact.

Jeroen Kuunders
Brand Strategy & Creative Lead

He transformed the team into a growth engine that had a tremendous impact on the exponential growth.

Kris Cuypers
Head of Product Marketing